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Exceptional PR and communications for sustainability, regeneration and social change.

At the heart of change lies communication

At Analogy PR, we use the power of strategic narrative and creativity to shape a sustainable, equitable future. We craft stories and campaigns that create a lasting impact on people, place and the planet. Let’s create positive change, together.


Our approach to Public Relations and communications blends strategic foresight, creative flair, and meticulous execution.

From initial concept to delivery, we ensure your message resonates and captivates, every step of the way.

Forging connections, driving change, and building communities

Every client partnership is a unique journey. We navigate the challenges and opportunities, turning objectives into achievements and visions into reality.

Our client case studies are a testament to our approach – creative, data-driven, and always centred around our core values of sustainability, inclusivity and excellence.

Our story

Founded in 2020 by Anna Murray and Katherine Kowalski, Analogy emerged from a shared vision to use Public Relations as a catalyst for sustainable development, community regeneration and social equity.

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