Build it and they will come

Property PR

We have a passion for the built environment; those human-made environments that form the setting for human activities. And while you may think any associated PR stories would focus on digging down, building up, bricks and mortar; we actually see our job as understanding the very human stories behind it all. 

For instance…

The vision our clients have for building communities

The effort it takes people to make places

The future of those who will live and thrive there

The businesses and jobs that will be created

The surrounding neighbourhoods needing reassurance

The respected roles of Councillors in communities; and the skilled people that make a project successful.

It’s a fascinating thing to get under the skin of – and it warrants a considered and creative communications approach. 

This week we announced the beginning of work on a new 2000-home garden community in Taunton. A school, shops, park and bus, business park and huge swathes of green space – this is a big deal for Somerset and the South West.

The vision of Taylor Wimpey and Vistry Group – the latter as a joint venture with LiveWest – ‘Orchard Grove’ has a great team behind it – supported by Brookbanks and Barton Willmore. It’s a combination that ensures an exciting future lies ahead. 

Telling the story of this vision is our privilege – and we’re thrilled to see the positive media coverage roll in. We can’t wait to tell you more stories in the months ahead about this landmark new community being created from the ground up. And we look forward to shining a spotlight on the human side of the built environment. 

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