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Our story

Founded in 2020 by Anna Murray and Katherine Kowalski, Analogy emerged from a shared vision to use PR as a catalyst for sustainable development, community regeneration and social equity.

Offering a fresh perspective away from the saturated London market, Anna and Katherine have used their decades of national agency experience to inform a more flexible, adaptable model.

As a virtual agency, Analogy is unhindered by geographical constraints while enjoying the opportunities that come with having a team presence in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.


At Analogy we believe in the power of transformation

Founded on a legacy of over two decades of combined expertise in strategic public relations and communications, our agency stands at the forefront of innovation and impact. Our founders have channelled their extensive experience into creating SPRING – Strategic Public Relations for Innovation and New Growth – a proprietary framework designed to revolutionise how brands communicate and connect.


Our commitment

SPRING is more than a methodology; it’s our commitment to your growth and success. It means having a partner that:

Experience the difference of working with a PR agency that’s as invested in your success as you are. Because at Analogy, we don’t just tell your story; we make sure it’s heard.

Our team

With a female-led neurodiverse team, Analogy champions inclusivity and equity at every level, driving diversity of thought in PR.

Anna Murray, Analogy PR consultant and founder

Anna Murray

Founder & PR Consultant
katherine kowalski, Analogy PR consultant and founder

Katherine Kowalski

Founder & PR Consultant