#socialstories Clubhouse: will it fly like Tiktok or flop like Vine?

Will Clubhouse be next next TikTok or the next Vine? What makes a new social media platform stick and what makes it flop?
Audiences are already becoming much more nuanced in how they use social media platforms. Adding another platform to the mix can only really work if the platform can both offer something new and develop it way faster than the competition.

This is exactly what TikTok managed to do, leaving IGTV and Stories in its wake.
Its ‘invitation only’ policy may make Clubhouse seem exclusive and attractive, but Twitter’s Spaces (which will launch to everyone in April) will meet people where they’re already at.
We get asked often by clients ‘what is the next big thing?’ and this year our answer has been that audio is where it’s at – podcasts have shown us just how successful this can be, but our jury is still out on whether Clubhouse or Spaces will reach the top spot in social audio or whether there is room for both…
Are you on Clubhouse? What do you think?

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