Who we are

A Skilled Partnership

Personable and determined, we bring a positive energy to the room. We love what we do and are proud of our reputation for delivering true excellence in PR for our clients.

Our skilled partnership is founded on almost 20 years of working together both in agency and client side, as colleagues and friends.

Creative and dynamic, Anna’s ability to shape stories that resonate and inspire brings something new and exciting to every client or campaign. Her ideas and creativity are positively boundless. 

Anna’s decades of experience in the business, financial and property sectors has seen her take the creative wheel for client campaigns at national and international PR agencies in Dublin, London and Devon. 

Anna creates exceptional relationships with every brand she works with, from global household names including HSBC and American Express to local small businesses alike.

Anna Murray

Katherine Kowalski

An incredible strategist, cool-headed crisis handler, accomplished writer and content creator, Katherine brings clarity, context and insight to every client brief. Her straight-talking practicality and endless commitment to best practice in PR means she creates campaigns that land significant results.

Since 2001, Katherine’s career has spanned both global PR agencies and in-house leadership positions for brands including HSBC and the NHS, as well as coaching for small businesses and personal brands in how to do their own PR. 

Katherine is a trusted advisor to her clients, an experienced practitioner who ensures the PR strategy always fits the brief and delivers to the end goal.