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Ripple Effect #3: 10 Essentials for Effective Community Engagement in Property Development Projects

Ready to turn your community engagement from meh to amazing? Let’s dive in and discover how openness, listening, and true inclusivity can create outcomes everyone will cheer for.

Whether it’s a new urban development, an environmental initiative, or a social service program, how you connect with the community can make or break the success of your project.

From starting early to following through with your commitments, these steps are designed to foster trust, encourage active participation, and build lasting relationships with the community members whose lives your project will impact.

1. Start early: Engage with the community as soon as possible, ideally before any major decisions have been made.

2. Be transparent: Be open and honest about the project, its goals, and its potential impacts on the community.

3. Listen actively: Make a genuine effort to understand the community’s concerns, ideas, and aspirations.

4. Use multiple channels: Use a variety of engagement methods, such as public meetings, surveys, and online platforms, to reach a diverse range of stakeholders.

5. Provide meaningful opportunities for input: Give the community real opportunities to shape the project, not just token gestures.

6. Respond to feedback: Show that you have heard and considered the community’s input by making changes to the project where appropriate.

7. Build relationships: Develop ongoing relationships with key stakeholders and community groups, not just one-off interactions.

8. Communicate regularly: Keep the community informed about the project’s progress and any changes that have been made.

9. Be inclusive: Make sure that all members of the community have the opportunity to participate, regardless of their background or circumstances.

10. Follow through: Deliver on your promises and commitments to the community, and continue to engage with them throughout the life of the project.



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